Summer Ended and We Have Updates!

This summer has been a whirlwind of excitement for the community at Geek Therapeutics. We officially launched our updated Student Dashboard and learning management system. We took the suggestions of our alumni and created a system with an easier to navigate homepage, a long awaited search bar with keyword searchable topics for quicker access to CE’s and lectures. 

We standardized the Therapeutic Game Master Program and introduced students to new ways to use evidence-based theory and practice with role play and therapeutic encounter builder and since the standardization, we have seen 70 uniquely built therapeutic encounters focused on helping clients process stress, trauma, and everyday concerns through TTRPG’s .

Geek Therapeutics welcomed three new staff members to the team. Many of you have met them through the Discord Server or in passing at conventions.  Alicia Figliuolo has come on as the Director of Education and Training. Shawn Thomas is our new Creative Director. And Nick Anderson as lead Trainer for the Therapeutic Game Master Program. All three have years of experience in training, mental wellness, and role play between them and we are looking forward to their expertise as we move Geek Therapeutics into the next phase of education and training. 

The Psychology of Series announced the next two installments of the series with Elden Ring and My Hero Academia. Both titles have open calls for abstracts, so if you or someone you know is interested in writing for either of these titles please send your abstract to writers@geektherapeutics.com.

As summer closed, Geek Therapeutics wrapped up an amazing summer convention series at PAX WEST in Seattle Washington with our first team of ambassadors who traveled from all over the country to engage with convention attendees on how the benefits of geek culture in therapeutic settings can change the lives of individuals across the lifespan and globe. These ambassadors shared their own experiences with geek culture and Geek Therapeutics, spoke on panels at the convention, and provided unique insight into the training model provided by Geek Therapeutics and our team. 

Dr. Bean joined pediatric professionals from all over the world as keynote speaker for the Pediatric Gaming Technology Symposium in September and lectured on the growing fields of gaming technology and how to utilize evidence-based practices in pediatric healthcare. During his keynote address, many professionals in attendance were able to connect with our programs and start their own journey towards becoming culturally competent in geek culture and ways to utilize these topics in their own practices. 

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