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In 2016, FromSoftware set out to create the worlds greatest video game after the wild success of Dark Souls III, which would become the most anticipated video game for nearly 3 years after its announcement. With set back after set back due to the unqiue situation of the world, when FromSoftware announced the official release date of February 25, 2022, Elden Ring become the most successful game of 2022.

As the first open world that FromSoftware created, Elden Ring was set to provide players with dynamic game play and character progression that had not been seen in the Dark Souls franchise while lending to some of the most impactful real world lessons of frustration tolerance, self regulation, risk assessment, learning on loved ones, celebrating in the victories and much more.

When players finished the journey, the consistent need to talk about individual game play, comparing experiences, and examining the personal rewards gave Elden Ring an advantage to becoming not just a game of expansive exploration but a rather a community of like minded gamers who conquered much more than just the bosses coded into the game.

With those community conversations in mind, the desire to examine the psychological impact that Elden Ring had on the world in a post pandemic space and how the lessons of character growth could transfer into the real world of its players provided the stepping stones for this book.

The Psychology of Elden Ring provides players with an in-depth analysis of the impacts of the resiliency of the women of Elden Ring, the journey through the lands where choice after choice await you, and the moment where all must make the choice to be a hero or villain.

Join us as we embark on a journey of self discovery and learn the how and why’s to the most impactful moments of game play and  how our decisions not only affected our characters but also impacted us in our day to day lives.

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