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Call for Abstracts: The Psychology of Fallout


We invite scholars, researchers, gamers, and enthusiasts to submit abstracts for the newest title in The Geek Psychology Series that meticulously examines the intricate interplay between the world of the Fallout series and the nuanced facets of human psychology.

Join us in unraveling the mysteries of the Fallout universe and contributing to a thought-provoking exploration of its psychological impact worldwide. We look forward to receiving your abstracts and creating a collective work that pushes the boundaries of scholarship in the fields of psychology and gaming.

Themes of Interest:

  • War and Its Psychological Impact
  • Morality in a Morally Ambiguous Landscape
  • Primal Bloodlust and Combat Stress
  • Rebuilding Shattered Societies
  • Post-Apocalyptic Resilience: Understanding the Human Psyche in Fallout
  • Virtual Realities, Real Consequences: The Fallout Series and Geopolitical Discourse
  • Ethical Explorations: Morality and Decision-Making in the Fallout Universe
  • The Interplay of Fantasy and Reality: Fallout’s Influence on Gaming and Society
  • Submissions for additional themes welcome


Submission Guidelines: 

1. Submission deadline for abstracts (350-500 words) : July 31st, 2024.  

2. Please clearly state the theme your abstract addresses, highlight the significance of your proposed exploration, and showcase the potential impact on the understanding of the Psychology within Baldur’s Gate.

3. Submission deadline for drafts of accepted papers: October 31st, 2024. 

Kindly submit by e-mail (with or without Word attachment) to writers@geektherapeutics.com with the subject line “Geek Psychology Series: Fallout Abstract Submission – [Your Name].

Submissions are suggested early as topics are accepted as they are submitted.

Projects we are always looking for Collaborators

Peer Reviewed Research Topics on Geek Culture in Therapy
1. Examining the Effects of Incorporating Geek Culture in Therapy Sessions for Youth/Adolescents
2. Investigating Changes in Mental Health Outcomes of Therapeutic Interventions Using TTRPG’s
3. Exploring Strategies for Working with pop culture to Create Positive Therapeutic Outcomes
4. Analyzing the Impact of Geek Culture on the Treatment of Patients with Anxiety Disorders
5. Assessing the Benefits of Integrating TTRPG’s in the Treatment of PTSD
6. Investigating the Effectiveness of video games in Behavioral Therapy
7. Examining the LongTerm Outcomes of Geek CultureBased Mental Health Interventions
8. Comparing Psychological Theory with Geekdom to Treat Depressive Symptoms
9. Assessing the Role of Geek Culture and Community in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
10. Evaluating the Use of TTRPG’s in Enhancing Emotional Regulation Skills

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