Who is A Non-Professional?

Utilize geek cultural artifacts to eliminate communication barriers, improve conversations, understand cognitive perspectives, diagnose, and treat conditions.


Leverage geek therapy to improve mental focus, build better connections with others in your area of studies, acquire an early start on your training to be a Certified Geek Therapist, and understand individuals through geek interests.


Use geek therapy to build deeper relationships, increase classroom engagement, and subject participation with students.

Parents or Guardians

Connect with your child, understand your child more, and develop your child into the best human being imaginable by tapping into geek passions.


Understand your geek passions in new inner perspectives that can help you improve your mental health and unlock the best version of you.

On Demand Learning

You can sign up for our virtual and affordable Geek Therapy Education Heroic package to watch all of our training videos without having to take any exams or be certified. You learn at your own pace and use the learning to apply Geek Therapy to yourself or others.

Certified Geek Specialist

A Certified Geek Specialist has all of the training to be able to meet clients whether it be in a group setting or an individual peer counseling session where they are at in life. You are able to help your peers with change, progress, and becoming better versions of themselves. By undergoing our training, you have the ability to promote positive change, help with peer support, and manage difficult emotional content through a geek lens of how the world works. As many people relate to mythological stories of heroes and fandoms, this training certification allows you to help your peers understand how to use these fandoms for personal growth.

How do I become a Certified Geek Specialist?

You will be able to distinguish yourself from other professionals by being able to use a specific logo which is licensed to you after completing required training and being put on our special registry for clients to find you!

Step 1: Subscribe to Geek Therapy Education by choosing either the Legendary or Mythic package getting access to all of our courses.
Step 2: Take Cultural Competency courses.
Step 3: Take a Cultural Competency Exam.
Step 4: Take 28 additional hours of classes (all included in your subscription!)
Step 5: Take the 12 consultation hours with a Certified Geek Therapist or Specialist.
Step 6: Pass the Certified Geek Specialist Exam.

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Start Your Epic Journey To Becoming A Certified Geek Specialist!