Check Points and Autosaves Audiobook Release Day!

Hello Geeks, Parents of Geeks, and onlookers, Check Points and Autosaves, the newest parenting guide to help parents effectively and lovingly parent geeks and gamers has leveled up and the long awaited audiobook is being released today! The audiobook is narrated by Shaina Summerville and can be downloaded wherever you get your audiobooks. 

Journey with Shaina as she  takes you on a deep dive into the wonderful world of your child’s fandom. Learn from subject matter experts the importance of understanding the  entertainment best suited for child development that is based in perspectives rooted in evidence based practices and research. In Checkpoints and Autosaves, listeners will finish the book with a better understanding of their child’s desire to explore and interact with different geekdoms as well as have a better approach towards fostering impactful and experiential moments with their children and maybe even have a new hobby! 

Be sure to grab Checkpoints and Autosaves today wherever you get your audiobooks! 

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