Why Attending Conventions is Therapeutic

It is no secret that geek culture has taken the world by storm in recent years – from comic book movies to video games,  cosplay, and more. As geek culture has risen to mainstream levels, attending a convention has become increasingly popular – not only as a great way to meet like-minded people, but also because of the potential mental health benefits that come along with these events.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, geek conventions are typically weekend-long events which involve a variety of activities to explore and enjoy. These can be “booth-filled” expo halls, panels on the newest games, tv shows, or products coming to market, meet-and-greets with famous influencers, costume competitions and gaming tournaments. The mental health benefits of attending a geek convention are plentiful and for many geeks, a necessity for making new friends and being accepted for who they are in these spaces.

First and foremost, geek culture inherently allows people to explore their passions – be it video games, comic books or cosplay – in a safe and judgment-free space. This allows individuals to better connect with others from different walks of life who share similar interests, and allows them to express their feelings without fear of persecution. Additionally, these conventions provide a space for open conversation about personal topics that can often be difficult to discuss due to the nature of the topic or taboo subjects many attendees are afraid to speak of at home openly. This can provide a sense of relief for those who struggle to speak about their mental health issues in daily life, and in turn, can allow these individuals to feel less stigmatized or judged. 

Lastly, as geek conventions can often be themed after popular movies, books or TV shows, participating in these events can be an entertaining way to both escape reality and enjoy some fun themed activities in the process. This can be particularly helpful for those dealing with depression or anxiety, as it allows them to take a break and focus on something enjoyable that is away from their daily stressors. In short, attending a geek convention is a great way to explore passions while also receiving a plethora of mental health benefits. 

So, if you’re in search of an entertaining and fulfilling mental health break, consider attending a geeky convention, your local comic con, or any of the national conventions around you. You may be surprised how much joy and relief you experience after attending one of theses conventions however, you may also feel a bit overwhelmed and tired. If you find yourself overwhelmed, please as convention staff for directions to their quiet room for some rest and recharging before hitting the convention floor again! 

Happy con season! 

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