Creating Core Memories with Your Children During Winter Break

Winter break creates an extended period of time when children are not in school, which can provide parents the opportunity to spend quality time with them. While engaging in family activities, parents may have their children join them in playing games, watching movies, going to museums, exploring the outdoors, or exploring their imaginations. This provides children with a chance to experience fun, creativity and positivity with their parents in a way that might not occur during the hustle and bustle of school and after school activities. Over the next couple of blogs, we will explore the benefits of engaging in activities that are hobbies enjoyed by the children and ways parents can learn to engage with their children in more meaningful ways this winter break.


By watching and listening to our children in their own play environment, parents can help improve their communication skills with their children as well as create core memories through experiences and activities that are focused on sharing these moments together rather than watching them from afar and not understanding them.


Being able to understand the benefits of planning uninterrupted engagement in activities such as video games, board games, online events, anime, television shows, outdoor activities, and creative spaces that all imaginations to blossom can be instrumental in building better relationships with our children as well as creating a positive impact on how they see adults interacting with the hobbies that bring them so much joy.


Activities can often be hard to plan however, we encourage you to look at your children’s day to day experiences with the world. Are they watching the newest season of Riverdale or playing the newest installment of Pokemon Scarlett or Violet, or are they really into tabletop role playing games and diving head-first into the Curse of Strahd? Whatever engagements you are seeing your child interact with are the spaces we encourage you to start when looking to build out your quality time with them during this winter break.


We want to start with how to encourage out of the house experiences with children who might want to stay inside all winter break and crush their new holiday games rather than go play in the yard. If you are looking for a fun interactive approach to video gaming but getting out of the house, we are big BIG fans of all day play arcades or family fun centers. If you were a kid in the 80/90’s and loved playing arcade games, we promise you that you and your video game loving kid will have one heck of a good time hanging out in a modern arcade playing games, drinking soda, and possibly eating some amazing grub!


Here at Geek Therapeutics, we also understand that while your children are off from school you are most likely still working and that might make it hard to plan out this type of event. But over the next few posts we are going to bring experiences into the home, the backyard, and even share how you can engage with your child and have them plan a “spend time with Tim or Sue” event at the house! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and check back for more tips and tricks on ways to engage with your geeky/nerdy/stay at home kiddos during winter break!

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