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Now that the holidays are over, there is still a week of winter break left and you may be scrambling on what to do. Last week we talked about engaging in things that your child is interested in that you may have a hard time understanding and we went into depth about reading in digital spaces in hopes of sharing with readers that it’s ok to not know what something is but best practices for learning is to simply ask your child what they are doing and why they like it. But for this week, we want to flip the script a bit and encourage you to ask your child to allow you to play a game with them or plan an outing on the weekend that is planned all by them (with boundaries, time constraints, and budget restrictions).


When you’re looking for a special family experience, why not let your geeky kid take the lead? Allowing your Star Wars-loving, comic-book-reading, or video-game-playing kid to plan a family outing can be an adventure and a bonding experience like no other. Getting your geeky kid started is the first step. Sit down with them to figure out their interests—are they into board games? Building vast cities in MineCraft? Space exploration? Disney’s 100th Birthday? Steal a few ideas from their hobbies and use them to help them plan a creative activity or outing during this winter break. 


You can also look into local meetups or events at the public library, local museum, or community center that may be of interest to your children. Once you know the specifics, it’s time to get creative and this is where the planning input from your children can become fun!  From building robots out of recycled materials to watching a Star Wars movie marathon, there’s plenty of fun to be had during this break and many of these events could be done at home on any budget. 


For those who are looking for something more educational for your history buff, you can check out a local planetarium or a traveling exhibit at your local museum. Or, if you’re looking for a high-energy experience with an adrenaline pumping loving child, hit up a laser tag arena or indoor amusement park. These two options are great especially for those who live in colder climates and are unable to be outdoors for extended periods of time. 


No matter where you end up or what you are doing, make sure to take your geeky kid’s interests seriously, the way you interact with them and these cultural artifacts can drastically change your relationship with them. Let them call the shots and lead you through the activities, even when it is hard because you feel so out of your depth. This will give them the opportunity to take ownership of the experience and will help you appreciate the same hobbies that your kid loves. By allowing your geeky kid to plan your next family outing this winter break, you’ll not only make great memories, but you’ll also create a bonding experience like no other and show them that adults can have fun too! 


To infinity and beyond! 

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