Certified Geek Therapists, Supervisors, and Geek Specialists Credential Renewal Updates for 2023

Credential Renewal Information

Holding the Geek Therapeutics credential for Certified Geek Therapist demonstrates your commitment and dedication to the expansive world of geek culture, the standards, and best practices in the area of geek therapy.  Moreover, it provides you with the recognition and credibility necessary to practice in this specialty area with confidence. 

All Registered Certified Geek Therapist (CGT), Registered Certified Geek Therapist-Supervisor (CGT-S), and Certified Geek Specialists (CGS) registrants must renew their credential annually, as well as provide documentation of geek therapeutics continuing education every year.

Renewal of your Geek Therapeutics credential is contingent upon the receipt and acknowledgement by Geek Therapeutics, of ALL required items. Failure to renew your credential by its due date will cause your credential to become inactive, and prevent you from using the designation. 

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Effective January 1, 2023

Credentialing Renewal – All registrants will be required to submit 24 hours of geek therapeutics specific instruction with their next CE renewal. Two (2) of the 24 hours must be in ethics and cultural competency and two (2) hours must be in telehealth and documentation specific to geek therapy. In addition, CGT Supervisors must also submit supervisor training hours.


We encourage you to visit the Renewal FAQ section for detailed information. Not renewing your credential? Please take a minute and let us know why here Notice of Non-Renewal.

Any questions or concerns, please contact alicia@geektherapeutics.com


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