Embracing Our Inner Geek

Embracing Our Inner Geek Growing up and being called a geek or a nerd was social self-destruction and being seen as the kid who was weird was awful for me. I quickly decided that I would not be a nerd or a geek and nobody would know that I loved playing video games after school […]

Gaming and the Pandemic

Gaming and the Pandemic As individuals age and social norms begin to dictate how individuals should experience the world around them, the idea of playing video games, using imagination, and experiencing events that are deemed “childlike” are seen by adults as inappropriate and immature. However, it has become overwhelmingly clear since the start of the […]

Master Class Bundles Have Arrived

Master Class Bundles Have Arrived! Since taking on the role of Director of Education and Training, I wanted to take an active role in creating products that you wanted most. Over the past few months, we have worked to create masterfully curated bundles for monthly distribution that are thematic and engaging. We have taken some […]

Updates to Monthly and Annual Subscriptions

Updates to Monthly and Annual Subscriptions Ever since we opened the door to continuing education for clinical and non-clinical mental health professionals, advocates, teachers, and community leaders, it has always been our mission to provide quality lectures, webinars, and training programs at competitive and affordable rates.    Over the past year, we have listened to […]

Summer Ended and We Have Updates!

Summer Ended and We Have Updates! This summer has been a whirlwind of excitement for the community at Geek Therapeutics. We officially launched our updated Student Dashboard and learning management system. We took the suggestions of our alumni and created a system with an easier to navigate homepage, a long awaited search bar with keyword […]

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