Wrapping Paper is Everywhere!

Wrapping Paper is Everywhere! Now that the holidays are over, there is still a week of winter break left and you may be scrambling on what to do. Last week we talked about engaging in things that your child is interested in that you may have a hard time understanding and we went into depth […]

My Kid Will Not Read Books, What Do I Do?

My Kid Will Not Read Books, What Do I Do? As we continue on this journey of hanging out with our kids in spaces that we don’t quite understand, the questions came up with an instagram follower about their child who won’t read books and they were trying to figure out how to encourage reading. […]

Creating Core Memories with Your Children During Winter Break

Creating Core Memories with Your Children During Winter Break Winter break creates an extended period of time when children are not in school, which can provide parents the opportunity to spend quality time with them. While engaging in family activities, parents may have their children join them in playing games, watching movies, going to museums, […]

The Impact of Video Games in Therapy

The Impact of Video Games in Therapy In recent years, video games have become more than just a way to relax and pass the time – they are now being used as a therapeutic tool in multiple different fields, including psychology and psychotherapy.  This modality of therapy has become known as “video game therapy,” and […]

What is the difference between therapy and therapeutic in tabletop gaming?

What is the Difference Between Therapy and Therapeutic in Tabletop Gaming? Therapy and therapeutic treatments are two distinct methods for achieving mental health and emotional well-being. While many people think of them as the same thing, there are key differences that should be understood when deciding on the best course of action for a person’s […]

Why Attending Conventions is Therapeutic

Why Attending Conventions is Therapeutic It is no secret that geek culture has taken the world by storm in recent years – from comic book movies to video games,  cosplay, and more. As geek culture has risen to mainstream levels, attending a convention has become increasingly popular – not only as a great way to […]

Can Video Games Make My Child Violent?

Can Video Games Make My Child Violent? This question and many like it have been asked for decades every time there is a new “fad”, video game, or experiential product that catches our children’s engagement.  Over the summer, our parenting book “Checkpoints and Autosaves; Parenting Geeks To Thrive in the Age of Geekdom” was released […]

Check Points and Autosaves Audiobook Release Day

Check Points and Autosaves Audiobook Release Day! Hello Geeks, Parents of Geeks, and onlookers, Check Points and Autosaves, the newest parenting guide to help parents effectively and lovingly parent geeks and gamers has leveled up and the long awaited audiobook is being released today! The audiobook is narrated by Shaina Summerville and can be downloaded […]

Anime in Therapy

Anime in Therapy Anime characters have deep and rich storylines where the imagination takes physical form. The supernatural powers characters have within their story worlds along with the sense of the narrative of their journeys make Anime a rich and important area to draw psychological material. By harnessing these characteristics, concepts and features, the therapist […]

Embracing Our Inner Geek

Embracing Our Inner Geek Growing up and being called a geek or a nerd was social self-destruction and being seen as the kid who was weird was awful for me. I quickly decided that I would not be a nerd or a geek and nobody would know that I loved playing video games after school […]

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